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Len Cohen, Owner/Pharmacist | Webb & Savoy Pharmacy

“X/procure® forms the centre of my business. It allows me to conveniently do all the ordering of products from my PC at home every day, which saves me and my staff a lot of time.”

Nic van der Bergh, Digital Advertising | Isobar

“X/procure® offered our client (Vital Health Foods) a unique opportunity from a media perspective whereby their brand could be positioned directly in front of decision makers actively searching and ordering related products for their pharmacies."

Hannes Strydom, Owner/Pharmacist | Pharma Valu Group

“My staff work with and place orders on X/procure® on a daily basis, and the listing of products is very effective, especially the newly launched products that are advertised. If a client asks for a product my staff are aware and can order it.”

Jaco du Plessis, Operations Manager | Intercare Group

"X/procure® have the means and expertise to play a major role in our endeavour to create a proper stock control process for the Intercare Group. We are already seeing a big operational and financial benefit for Intercare"

Gert Hoogland, CEO | Pharmaplan

“What it does is create top of mind awareness with the target group that we have in mind-being the pharmacist. I think the advertising is good in the branded generic arena and excellent when launching a new product to create that immediate awareness.”

Gavin Jones, Ex-Marketing Director | Cipla Medpro

“The service, commitment & attention to detail from the X/procure® team is the cherry on top of this excellent product!”

Dawn, Dispensary Manager l Dis-Chem Rand Ridge Dispensary

"Just want to say thanks so much for changing the details when you click on the graph to show which wholesaler the drug was purchased from. It helps if you can see the history. I enjoy it when a system works."

Peggy Klopper, Ex-Marketing Manager | Adcock Ingram

“The mere fact that it’s in your face all day long makes it very different. So it’s not like a journal that you would read once and then leave behind. Every time you go into your ordering or dispensing system you get reminded of the brand."

Turid Stacey, Marketing Manager | Galderma

“We believe our strategic objectives will be met by launching through the X/procure® interface.”

Sone Jordaan, National Sales Manager | Wyeth Consumer

“We used X/procure® to expand our key customer basket for certain products, from being focussed on groups to also include independent retail pharmacies. It has proven to be a huge success."



About X/procure®

X/procure®'s ever increasing national footprint enables more than 63% of SA pharmacies which utalise electronic procurement software to purchase scheduled and OTC pharmaceutical, surgical and front shop requirements directly from wholesalers and distributors. More info...


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