IT Systems & back office enhancements.

In X/procure®’s ongoing quest for perfection, our IT Systems team has been hard at work to deliver various back office enhancements.

X/procure® has an improved power layout structure in our server room. We have multiple independent UPS systems and separate power bank, thus minimizing the impact of power interruptions and reducing the impact of the power outage across the systems.

Power feeds can be managed separately and the systems support dual power feeds so power can fail over with less chance of an interruption on the system.

X/procure® has implemented dual fibre 2V0-620 connectivity solutions, with fast fail over between connections in cases of connectivity service interruptions at the ISPs. This has reduced the risks of connectivity downtime and pharmacies can now continue ordering without noticing a switch between connectivity.

Finally, X/procure® is continually 70-414 updating and improving on systems replication solution. The benefit of the improved systems replication solution for our 2V0-620 clients is more efficient and improved recovery during a system failure.