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As an independent pharmacy owner, we're keen to enhance your experience by offering special discounted rates for various services. To better tailor our offerings, could you please indicate which of the following services would benefit you most?

We would appreciate your rating of the following services on a scale from 1 to 5, indicating their potential benefit in obtaining discounted rates for your business:

    1. Consumables Products

    2. Office Supplies

    3. Staff Training and Development

    4. Legal Services Telecommunications

    5. Cleaning Services

    6. IT support

    7. Banking Rates

    8. Business Insurance

    9. Pharmaceutical Grade Fridges

    10. Power Backup Systems

    11. Computer Hardware

    12. Marketing Services

    13. Packaging and Labeling

    14. Delivery and Courier Services

    15. Health and Safety

    16. Customer Loyalty Programs

    17. Staff Training on Pharmacy Procedure (SAPC)

    Furthermore, we're interested in your input regarding other products or services that could benefit your business at discounted rates.
    Please let us know your suggestions:

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