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HTML Messages

The Message Service acts like an e-mail service built into the X/procure® System. It is being used within the X/procure® pharmacy community for communication between pharmacies as well as a medium for X/procure® to communicate with our pharmacy customers.This has resulted in the Message Service enjoying a high frequency viewership.

Our latest innovation has seen this service being upgraded and with HTML technology. The example above illustrates a message being opened containing the exact replica of the advertisers official communication. An illustrative advert can be utilised as opposed to the letter used above.

The Message Service enjoy high viewership numbers, as pharmacists associate this section with up-to-date communication on products, pricing, etc. Making the Message Service ideal for fast and effective communication.



About X/procure®

X/procure®'s ever increasing national footprint enables more than 63% of SA pharmacies which utalise electronic procurement software to purchase scheduled and OTC pharmaceutical, surgical and front shop requirements directly from wholesalers and distributors. More info...


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