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Client Relationship Management (CRM)



By delivering CRM through an environment sales users are already familiar with, (Microsoft Office Outlook and Word), the friction to using CRM is greatly reduced, allowing end users to benefit immediately from productivity enhancing features offered by the software.

Using X/procure® mobile, employee morale and satisfaction improves as they become satisfied users of CRM and are able to accomplish more in their daily jobs. The company is able to realize the benefits of existing CRM investments and deliver ROI to the business. Users want to enter the minimum data to do their job. They often find themselves entering data to do their job and then entering the same data or additional data to provide management with insight into their work. With Dynamics CRM you never have to enter data twice and the system is designed to automatically track the information bout the users work so that management can have the insight they need without getting in the way of the user’s job.

Using X/procure® mobile, customer satisfaction increases as employees are able to achieve a 360 degree view of customer information, enabling them to better meet the needs of customers. Sales is able to use more information about the customers to recognize and execute on cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, improving revenue.  Service is able to use the customer information to better solve customer problems and give customers a more personal experience, improving customer satisfaction.  Marketing is able to use the customer information to better segment and target their marketing campaigns, improving ROMI.



To further enhance and simplify your e-Procurement experience X/procure® Pharmacy is the only e-Procurement technology to connect and interact seamlessly with over 95% of Pharmacy Point of Sale and Dispensing Software systems currently installed in South Africa.



About X/procure®

X/procure®'s ever increasing national footprint enables more than 63% of SA pharmacies which utalise electronic procurement software to purchase scheduled and OTC pharmaceutical, surgical and front shop requirements directly from wholesalers and distributors. More info...


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